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Lettuce Grow is a platform that brings together Portugal's freshest produce to you, and brings people together in support of local farms and agricultural organisations.
Why use the Lettuce Grow platform?
  1. Farmers
    Showcase your produce and find SME’s near you to supply your harvest to
  2. SMEs
    Find the producers closest to you to source for the freshest quality produce
  3. SMEs
    End Consumers
    Find the store or farm nearest you to get the freshest quality produce
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​​About Us

Lettuce Grow is a platform which connects small scale farmers directly
to SMEs based on proximity. We also connect SMEs to consumers allowing consumers to
be able to find the freshest and highest quality local produce near you. We take a 5%
transaction fee on each transaction made on the platform with the goal to return a majority
of the profits to small scale farmers and SMEs in order to boost the local economy. Our aim
is to promote the production, fair trade and consumption of local products on a national,
European and global level.

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