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About Us
Lettuce Grow was founded on the 4th of December 2016 when we won the EIT Start Up Days. It kicked off the beginning of what it would eventually be - a platform that not only gives value to consumers, but supports local businesses as well.

We received an immense amount of support not only from the start-up community but also from the Portuguese. This is what keeps us going - without your support Lettuce Grow cannot exist.

We won the UN Influx Connect2Effect Global Hackathon Lisbon in March 2017 which made us one of the only 9 Start ups in the world with a UN stamp of approval. We are now working and pushing hard to rebuild the Portuguese economy with your support.

Lettuce Grow and Lettuce Grow together as a country!
Our mission is to empower the Portuguese small scale farmers, SME’s and agricultural co-operations by connecting them directly on our platform. We will give 95% of the profits back to the farmers and cut out all middlemen. By giving back 95% of the profits to the farmers we aim to rebuild the Portuguese economy and reverse the desertification of the rural areas of the country whilst bringing back the immense value the small scale farmers of Portugal contribute to this country.